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The civil court has become a place of evil and parents are trying to stay under the radar when dealing with civil court. The court makes it impossible to get away from an abusive former partner, they make rulings that are not in the best interest of children, and if you do not comply, false allegations will be made up and a protectioin agency will come and get your family member.


Civil court will make a profit off your loved ones. They will take your children to adopt out and make money incentive money and they will take your parents to get their life savings.


This is why we are a private membership and do not allow government workers or state bar employees part of our members. We also have a clause that members who use evil tactics are banned. 

Domestic violence overlooked.

Elderly property illegally taken.

Custody sold to abusers.

Noncustodial parents concealed from children.

Children not being protected by services. 

Guardian ad litem (GAL) advocating for the abusers.


With Docket, these victims come together. 

Business Deal

These victims are created by the civil court, which is a monetary court.


This court system is a billion dollar a year industry of abuse.


They want your money and your kids!

Lawyers and advocates who help parents are targeted by those in the system so they will stop helping others.


False allegations are brought up and charges created to control and stop them from going against the courts and teaching victims their rights. 

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