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Can't Sleep?

Do you lay in bed at night with interactions between you and your former spouse replaying over and over in your head keeping you from sleep?

Do you think about the upcoming court date and wondering how wrong the judge will be in making their decision?

Do you wonder if you will be going to jail the next time you go to court?

Do you worry about the money you are paying for legal fees, if your children are safe, or how you will survive on such little income?

A mother who has been through it all with family court and understands your struggle just created a new product to get you to sleep and help with your stress and anxiety. It is so new it is still in the creation stage. We wanted to bring you some hope and just know she is working on it!

Although the product is geared towards men, we know you could benefit from the use of these products.

The mom is trying to make the plant-based products in a smokable form, tea form, a hard candy, and an edible type coin. She is promoting this product for women to help women get sleep, trade for services like cleaning, cooking, and babysitting.

Not only do these products help you sleep, but they also help with anxiety, mental health issues, weight, skin, hair, and nails. You will have to check out their site to learn all the health benefits. Sleep, beauty, and health! Now that is a product, I can't wait to get my hands on.

The products are made from a plant in the cannabis family, but not marijuana. So no worries about drug urine test at work or anything like that.

Check it out!

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