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Parents Have A Lack Of Understanding Of Civics

"The United States is now, however, at a critical moment in its national history. We face a country divided over many issues— voting rights, policing, public health, and climate change—to name a few. These divisions have roiled our politics. We have experienced decreasing faith in institutions and a growing distrust of one another. We have seen attacks on the justice system, the norms of our democracy, and the rule of law. These challenges are aggravated by a general lack of understanding of civics and by incivility in our public discourse. In this time of division, the legal profession must lead the way in promoting civics, civility, and collaboration— the cornerstones of our democracy—to restore confidence in our democratic institutions, in the judicial system, and to protect the rule of law." - BAR President Deborah Enix-Ross

Are you laughing after reading this statement?

The decrease if faith in government institutions is not about lack of understanding the justice system. It's the fact that the judges and attorneys are not honest and are raping our justice system by either being bought or selling their special power and authority. After representing myself for years, law comes down to mostly copying and pasting law and law cases into a legal document, putting in your personal case information, and filing. Also the courts do not tell you they are using Maritime law but the gold fringe on the flag in the courts tell you this. See very first newsletter about this.

If the BAR really thinks that we do not understand the civil laws and process. Ask yourself, why don't they make it part of the high school curriculum?

This is all a part of the process of the dumming down of America. The people who write these kinds of articles really believe this as truth. They are part of the government and trust what the government tells them. American are coming around and many have been through the divorce process and high conflict cases. These cases are not from the lack of knowledge, but more from the injustice of the system. There is only so many times you can say you are doing something as the "best interest of the children" and then give an abusive parent custody and then conceal the loving and caring parent from their children. There is only so many times you can take children and a parent jump through every hoop and you still take their children. There is only so many times you can conceal an elderly parents from their children and absorb all their equity out of their assets and keep it for yourself.

May 1st is Law Day and the perfect day to protest the corruption of the judges and attorneys.

If you really want to bring the injustice to light this is the perfect oppeotunity. Go to your local Federal Court and make signs with the illegal activities of judges, lawyers, and Guardian Ad Litems. When you start bringing the injustice to their front door, they will take notice. Not only that, but young or fresh attorneys are joining these trainings and will get to see just how upset the people are and maybe decided on a different type of law practice. Some young lawyers have gotten into the system and seen what really goes on and have chosen other avenues to work in such as investing, mediation, or counseling parents in the divorce system.

It's not that parents lack understanding of civics, it that they lack the understanding of how the system is rigged.

Start out with the fact that the civil court is under Maritime law. The gold fringe on the flag tells you that! It that you pay an attorney to represent you, but the attorneys work for the courts. It not that we do not know how to read a motion or write one, it that the judges don't even follow the law. There is no one that holds Judges or attorney's accountable for their dishonest acts. They must embarrass the courts for the courts to actually do something.

In 2010 a mother filed an impeachment request against her judge in Michigan. She was the first person to file an impeachment since 1963 when the Michigan constitution allowed people to fine the petition. 2010 was a huge election year and the house speaker told this mother he was to busy with his campaign and unsure if he would be able to take the request and start the procedure. When he lost the race, he refused too take the request with some bull shit excuse. Now that is our democracy and how it really works. Funny thing is the mom says that the information she used to write the impeachment request is unavailable online. She has share it with

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